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Prayer Request

About an hour after I posted the last entry we got a phone call from Dr. Elias’ office.  (He is the doctor making the final call on Luke’s neck injury) He looked over the CT Scan and based on that he asked that we put Luke’s neck brace back on.  He is getting with another C-Spine specialist to get another opinion and figure out what the next step will be.   They don’t have answers for us right now but will hopefully this week yet or Monday. 

Please pray for his neck and for Luke, he was very upset when we told him.  He is actually home sick from school today.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another.  Ben and I are disappointed and it feels like a hard blow to us.  I told Ben it’s like things just keep getting thrown at Luke, how much more can he take?  He has handled everything with such a great peace and has adjusted better than I know I would; but the up’s and down’s are starting to wear on him.  He just wants it to all be over and really just wants to play at recess with his friends again.   Pray also that Luke (and the rest of us) would be encouraged and strengthened-as good as all of these blog entries sound to everyone else, we are still living with what happened every single day.  Ben and I still struggle and the kids definitely do.  God is near to us and we feel Him, and He will continue to be our comfort and peace.

On a much brighter note: Yesterday, a very special person sent Luke 2 tickets to a Duke basketball game at Cameron!  We were going to wait to tell him until it got closer, but after the phone call from the doctor we showed him the tickets.  He was pretty happy!  This is the gift of someone who is a Duke fan and got a link to our blog-so cool!  We are thankful for this blessing and how it was able to lift his spirits today.


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  1. praying that you continue to sense God’s peace, comfort and wisdom as you continue on this journey. praying God gives the doctors wisdom as well…

    Comment by Joetta Raber | November 12, 2009 | Reply

  2. continued prayers until the work is done !!

    Comment by Bill & Debbie Mullet | November 12, 2009 | Reply

  3. Praying for you guys. Thinking of you often. I heard Luke’s song (mighty to save) this morning on the way to work and had to think of you and just how awesome God is. Luke has an amazing story! Like Debbie said, He’s not done yet with it! Miss you and love you.

    Comment by Rene | November 13, 2009 | Reply

  4. We are praying, knowing God is in control. I know the ups and downs are so hard…. praying for peace as well.
    Love you guys,
    Gio & Jenie

    Comment by Jenie | November 13, 2009 | Reply

  5. Lindsey, I just thought I would check in today to see how Luke was progressing. When I read your entry my heart fell (this is Nathan’s Mom, Luke and Nathan played ball together at Mt. Crawford & my husband helped coach) I have worn that Halo and they are a “hunk of junk”, I still have mine, like I will ever forget how I broke my neck. But, anyway are they thinking he will have to go back in the halo or just a neck brace. I hope it is just the neck brace, if anything I will pray for that!! I hope his pin sites are healing well now, I don’t know what they told you over there but tell him to make sure he is massaging the sites (with CLEAN fingers of course) that helped my sites a lot and the sites don’t get “stuck”. Mederma is great also I used it several times a day for a long time and it made the skin at the sites a lot softer and the hole don’t look as bad. I know what you all and Luke are going through and it is not easy, it took a toll on my Mom and everyone in our family. Being older I seen what it took out of my parents so I look at you and Ben with great admiration, your love is more strength to Luke than you know! I continue to pray for Luke and your family, please keep us up on what is happening. If I can help in anyway please feel free to email and I will get in touch with you!
    Blessings to you all!!
    Nathan says to tell Luke Hello!!

    Comment by Jeanette | November 13, 2009 | Reply

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