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On Tuesday, Dec 1st we went to UVA for more X-rays of Luke’s neck.  The doctor thinks it looks good, but has not given Luke the OK to be “turned loose”. He is going to consult another doctor who specializes in spinal deformities to get his opinion.  He was very honest and humble with us and said that the reality is they don’t see this injury very much.  Meaning that most people who have this neck injury don’t make it to the hospital and it should have taken Luke’s life.  He kept telling Luke how good he looked and was impressed at how he moves his neck normally and has a normal range of motion with no pain.   He told us that they have never seen a recovery like Luke’s and when he stood to leave he looked at Luke and said, “You know, you are a miracle.  You know that?”  Luke looked at the doctor and simply said, “Yep” with a smile.  We should be hearing from them by the weekend or early next week, so I will post an entry when we know.  He did say that there is no middle ground with this injury.  Either Luke is fine and they leave it alone based on how well he is doing and periodically check it with x-rays or they go ahead and do the fusion surgery.  The surgery would take away most of Luke’s head rotation, he would be able to nod but no side to side.  We are obviously praying for no surgery, but want what will keep Luke safe and healthy.  Please pray for that and also next Wed (9th) he goes back to UVA for a big neuro-ophthalmic exam(eyes and brain).  We should get some answers then about the future of his vision. It’s a very long process about a 3-4 hour exam, pray for patience and peace  for Luke. 

Grandpa and Grandma from Florida

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  My parents made a quick decision to come up and the boys had a whole week off of school so one day mom and I took them to KCRC.  Luke has been asking to go back and visit.  We took them cookies and he made each therapist and the nurses thank you cards.  It was a really neat time, and they just loved seeing him again.  My heart ached for the families and kids I saw while we were there. I thought and prayed so much for them the rest of the week.  We spent  Thanksgiving day with our family, enjoying being together again and eating such great food!  It came and went so fast and now I can hardly believe that Christmas time is upon us already.  I love Christmas, especially as my kids get older they have so much fun and can better understand why and who we are celebrating.   Jesus!  Our house is decorated and tree is up-just this evening Ben brought it home and the kids and I decorated it, they had a blast…we are excited and are looking forward to our trip to sunny Florida!

With all the anticipation of the Christmas season everywhere we look, I got the feeling that Thanksgiving was being overlooked.  Without question, this year I am more thankful than I have EVER been before!  I could think of little else the week leading up to Thanksgiving and then all that day.  First of all, I am thankful for my Savior and my God who has shown His mercy and love so abundantly to us! I am thankful that ALL of my kids were at our gathering.  To watch them all laugh and play was awesome~I don’t think I will ever take that for granted again.  I am thankful for my husband who loves God above all else, and me and the kids a close second. We are coming up on our 10th anniversary next week, I’m thankful that God has given us those years together and has richly blessed our marriage.   One of the first things he said to me after Luke’s accident was, “I love you! I’m never going to leave you!  We have to stay one unit, this cannot tear us apart!”.  Ben repeated that to me again in the ER, after hearing that Luke had no brain function.  But he didn’t just say those words, he grabbed my shoulders, looked me right in the eyes and spoke with such a passion, it was one of the only things I could hold onto at that point.  This summer has only strengthened our marriage and family, it could have easily gone the other way in such a stressful situation.  He is also an awesome Dad to Luke, Andrew, and Maleah.  In too many ways to mention, he cares for them. 

So this year my thankful list is longer than other years, and the meaning of giving thanks to God has deepened for me.  As Andrew told me yesterday, “Praise ye the Lord: for it is good to sing praises unto our God”  Psalm 147:1


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  1. What an awesome God we serve!! We’re going to be in Florida over Christmas time also…and I would love to bring Josh by to see Luke for just a few minutes one day. Josh and I pray have been and still do pray for Luke every night before bed ….and I think it would be neat if he could put a real person together with his prayers!! Josh is 9 years old.

    Comment by Brent and Lisa Slaubaugh | December 4, 2009 | Reply

  2. How AWESOME to see Him working in all of you!! He has lead you to streams of living water and much joy and peace, peace that passes understanding.
    I noted with joy and nearly weeping that He has given you such a heart for others waiting in the hospital. The experiences He has given, you are taking and blessing others with. You feel their pain and know where to guide them.
    Praise our Father for giving Ben His own heart of love toward you and these children He has entrusted to you to train in His way. The deep love and confidence you show them as you repeatedly turn to Him cannot be replaced by doing more sports or fulfilling all the earthly dreams they may have – though these have their place of importance.
    Luke, be patient with following your Father’s will. Even Jesus found it hard and a deadly struggle at times to be totally committed to His Father. Yet, for your sake and my sake He was willing and faithful.
    Praise be to God our gracious Father and Savior and may you have a memorable and joyous Advent Season.

    Comment by David & Heather Shank | December 4, 2009 | Reply

  3. When you are ready, you should write a book, or at least an article about all of this.

    Comment by weezie | December 4, 2009 | Reply

  4. Wow just heard the news that Luke has been “let loose” we are rejoicing with you! God is so good! We also thanked the Lord this Thanksgiving for Luke and his miraculous recovery, our family have all been touched by this whole experience. Several of us still wear Luke’s bracelet! We wait to see just what the Lord has in the future for Luke. Can’t wait to see you for Christmas! love you Bill & Debbie

    Comment by Bill & Debbie | December 4, 2009 | Reply

  5. This post brings tears to my eyes. Ben is so right on…I continue to pray that for your family, that you will be stronger through the storms. I ask the Lord to bring His peace to those places of turmoil, to redeem what has been taken from you. I am so thankful, with you, that you have your whole family together!


    Comment by Baker Family | December 7, 2009 | Reply

  6. We REJOICE with you. What a lovely post. The committment of love between Ben and you is very touching and to state that in a time of crisis is invaluable. Blessings to your family as you move back into activities which have been off limits for Ben. God be with you all!!!!!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    Jeannie and Steve Smith

    Comment by Jeannie & Steve Smith | December 7, 2009 | Reply

  7. Lindsey~ you should write a book. Others need to hear Luke’s story as well as how good our God is. This whole post is one of the most moving ones of the whole blog. It’s important to remember that some marriages do struggle and crumble through such a trial as the one you experienced, but your Heavenly Father armed you both with faith and His protection to get you through. We praise Him for every step that He was with you and Ben and Luke. What a testimony! Thank you for being transparent with us! You are still loved and prayed for.

    Comment by Dawn Mast | December 14, 2009 | Reply

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