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Thanks for checking in on Luke’s blog…We so appreciate the love and prayers for Luke and our family! 

Since the last post, Luke has visited KCRC for a final evaluation.  He passed with “flying colors” and he has been given a final relase from the doctor there.  Meaning, he is free to play sports and be a kid again!  It is a little confusing because he already had clearance from his neurologists at the hospital.  But as they explained it to us, the therapists and doctors at KCRC are going to be the final word because they are the most cautious when it comes to brain injuries.  Everyone there loves to see Luke…some don’t recognize him at first without his huge halo on! They will  say hi to Ben and I first and then realize that Luke is right there too, I love the looks on their faces!  The appointment was supposed to be a day of different therapy sessions ~ occupational, physical, speech, and education~ however at the beginning of each session Luke would make it very clear that he didn’t need any of these.  Not in his words but actions and him telling about his daily life and school.  He is an almost 9-year-old boy, no one could ever guess what he’s been through!! 

This week we have been to UVA twice.  On Tuesday I took him for a  follow up with the plastic surgeon concerning 2 halo pin sights and a long laceration on his head that were not healing.  About a month ago, we took him in and they gave us a different topical medication to put on it  Within a week they were all closing and today they are completely healed up!!!  This may be the thing Luke is most excited about for a few reasons: he can grow his hair and he doesn’t have to lay there for an hour and a half every few nights while I clean and pick at his head, then apply Silver Nitrate (which stings a lot!).  It was painful and very tiring, but he did it each time without complaining. 

Yesterday, we spent the day at the UVA eye clinic.  Luke underwent about 4hours of questions and testing on his eyes.  The final diagnosis is that he will have surgery on May 10th (a week from this Monday).  The procedure will be done on his left eye.  They will “strip” away a muscle behind his eye to allow the left eye to come down and align better with the right.  If this works the first time, it will eliminate Luke’s double vision which he pretty much has all the time.  The only reasone we know this is because we ask him, he never complains about it …he has  learned to compensate and says he can tell which is the “real” one. What a boy!!!  The surgery should take about 45 min and Luke is first case so we’ll be there very early on the 10th. He will be able to go back to school within a day or depeding on how he is feeling.

I know you all will continue to be faithful in prayer for Luke.  Last night, Maretta (my sister- in law) called to tell me that our story was going to be on Ch3 11:00 news again…sort of an update and they talked with the rescue responders to Luke’s accident.  I wish we would have known they wanted an update! Luke has been wanting to meet those that helped him that day and he was promised a firetruck ride, so hopefully we can set something up very soon!  Pictures to follow if that happens.  If you didn’t catch the news it’s on their website (I think)

Also, a few weeks ago Air Care 5 held a day seminar for local rescue and fire departments…to educate and review some cases from the past year.   They invited us to attend the last portion of it where they named Luke’s case their “Call of the Year”.  That is when everyone did their job and everything worked out perfectly to save a life.  Luke was called up front so everyone could see him and they gave the kids some really cool Air Care 5 pins and Luke received a framed poster of all the flight nurses and pilots.  He was promised a chopper ride, but the crew got a call and had to leave early.  We will reschedule!!! They have become friends to our family and we love everyone at Air Care 5!

I will post surgery update and recent pics soon!  Love you all!!


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  1. What a GREAT update! Continually thanking God for all His sweet blessings!! Thanks Linds!

    Comment by Jessi | May 2, 2010 | Reply

  2. We continue to be amazed by the goodness and faithfulness of God. He has carried you thus far, He will remain with you until the end. Luke’s story is a reminder to me of how BIG God is…He’s POWERFUL! Nothing in my life (or Luke’s life) is too much for Him. We love your family and will watch to see the ways He uses each of you for His glory.

    Comment by Baker Family | May 3, 2010 | Reply

  3. We will continue to pray for Luke’s eyes! Karis always remembers to pray for Luke’s vision. Their childlike faith amazes me. Last Friday when I asked him how his doctor’s appointment went, he explained the entire procedure to me, being sure to include every detail about the muscles, the pupils, the recovery! What a young man! We know that God will be with him and your family. What a privilege to see this miracle continue to unfold!

    Comment by Karen Buchanan | May 3, 2010 | Reply

  4. thanks for the update – we will be praying for the surgery. we continue to be blessed and amazed…

    Comment by Joetta | May 3, 2010 | Reply

  5. We will be praying for the surgery, the girls already started last night! We are still fighting for you Luke!! Love and miss you all!

    Comment by Sheila Brubacher | May 4, 2010 | Reply

  6. What a blessing to hear from you again. Luke I still pray for your strength and eye sight. God bless you and your family what a wonderful wittness you have been.

    Comment by Mary Helmuth | May 6, 2010 | Reply

  7. What an awesome report!! Luke is so amazing and strong! Praying for a quick, successful eye surgery. Way to go Luke!!…and family! Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Plonsky family | May 7, 2010 | Reply

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