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Thanks everyone for faithfully checking in on our blog.  Your prayers and  your encouraging comments are a huge boost to us.  It reminds me how many of you have lifted Luke and our family to God…I’m still overwhelmed!

So we went to the eye doctor at UVA on Wednesday and for now he is not going to do another surgery on Luke.  The good news is that Luke can see well out of both eyes, however they are not totally in-line and aren’t working together completely.    His eyes have changed some and the doctor wants to be cautious not to over correct.  We will go back again in 3 months and he will do some more extensive testing.   Luke is still seeing double, but he does very well compensating.  It doesn’t seem to slow him down much, but we still believe that it does affect his confidence in an active situation. (i.e. basketball) We are going to continue to pray for restoration, God has brought Luke so far, we know He is able!

Luke and Carson were asked to ride in a fire truck for the Bridgewater parade last weekend!  They were so excited and had a blast!  I rode along, and right as we got in line to start the parade, our truck had to answer a call.  We were told to buckle up and away we went!  It was quite exciting, (and a little scary to be honest) both boys had eyes the size of quarters!  It was an honor and privilege to ride and to meet these brave people who answered the call last July. 


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  1. Great pictures! I am sure it is quite a testimony to those who first answered the call to see where God has brought Luke in the last year. There are few things better to a young boy than a ride in fire truck.

    Comment by The Barlows | July 23, 2010 | Reply

  2. The picts look great! I wish that I could of been on that ride, what a blast.

    As always we continue to pray for Luke and the Yoder fan.

    Comment by Chad D | July 24, 2010 | Reply

  3. Thanks for sharing… it’s always such an encouragement. We camped at the same campground in CO that we were at last year when we got the news of Luke’s accident. What a reminder of God’s faithfulness and healing…I will never forget that day and I’m so glad that Luke’s life was spared. What an inspiration your family is. Continuing to pray…

    Comment by joetta | July 25, 2010 | Reply

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