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Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Luke, happy birthday to you!”

Luke is 9! Wow, where has the time gone?!  I can still see him so clearly as my spunky, fiesty little toddler!  I joke with my kids all the time that they are not allowed to get any bigger…and they always laugh and say, “But mom, we have to!”  How true, I know they have to grow but if I could freeze time I would.  They are at such a precious, fun age.  I love being around my children and to sum it up we have a blast together!  They are respectful, happy, and loving children~precious gifts from God.  I know fully that they are not “my own” they belong to The Father and only by His grace and love do I get to be their mother here on this earth, for this time.  I can say now that I did not understand this completely one year ago…I would have said that I knew, but in my heart I had not “let go” of being in control of their lives. 

 God’s hand is MIGHTY and STRONG.  He is also MERCIFUL and LOVING….He is ALL we need.  Tonight I was reading in my journal that I have kept over the past year and continue to write in presently.  As I read over the entry of Luke’s birthday one year ago, I cannot help but cry and be in awe of God and how far Luke has come.

July 27.2009

Today in physical therapy Luke practiced sitting up and being able to keep his balance while doing so.  He stood with support in front of a mirror and was able to see himself head to toe  for the first time.  His legs soon began to hurt and he motioned he wanted to sit down.  When she brought out the ball Luke was anxious to try to stand to kick it, but she wanted him to sit and kick.  He kicked hard and fast with both legs!  Luke did bounce and chest passes also catching them with good coordination.  I teased him this morning and told him he is not supposed to get any older-he just grinned. 

Today is the first day he “cried”.  They had to take some blood first thing this morning,poor guy on his birthday.  No tears came out, but he did the face and everything else…except the noise and tears.  I don’t understand this, and it’s painful to watch.  He has not talked yet and the only sounds we’ve heard is a cough or hiccup..both sound very hoarse.  He communicates very well through hand motions and he mouths words.  Hand motions are very precise and expressive-he’s doing great that way.  He is quick to smile at jokes, people, and conversation.  He is making his own choices about preferred activity, food, comfort-all using hand signals.  I’m so glad he is understanding everything and communcating so well…I can’t help but want to hear his voice though-so much!  I can see that he is trying hard and it will come.  Family is coming tonight to help Luke celebrate, it will be bittersweet.  He absolutely LOVES seeing everyone – especially Andrew and Maleah.  He is still very tired much of the time and falls asleep a lot so I hope he is able to enjoy some quality time with them.  We are off to the hospital to have Luke’s halo adjusted, I’m praying for a smooth transport…wish they would just come to KCRC it would be SO much easier and better for Luke.  I am tired and have many up’s and down’s…it’s hard for me to get a grip on my emotions these days. But my boy is laying here smiling at me and that’s what gets me through.

Later that night as I was getting Luke  ready for bed, he looked at me and with such sweetness, he smiled and whispered “Mom”.  God heard my small cry and the prayers of our family for this to be the day he got a word out, even if it was a whisper, it was clear and it was to me!

I was not going to post all of this tonight, just thought I would do a short entry-yeah right!  But I couldn’t help it after I read back…how could I ever forget that God truly touched my son and gave him life.   Life here on earth and Life Eternal! 

Luke told me a few weeks ago, “Mom I feel like God must love me a whole lot.  He chose me to suffer to bring people to Him.  He did the same with Jesus. He loved Jesus and chose him to suffer to bring people to God.”


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  1. That boy has God’s hand on him. Thanks for sharing this. It’s good to remember –what a year can bring, huh? Love to you and Luke tonight, and Happy Birthday, Luke from the Cooks in the Outer Banks this week!

    Comment by paula cook | July 27, 2010 | Reply

  2. Happy belated birthday, wonderful little guy!

    Comment by weezie | August 7, 2010 | Reply

  3. Luke sorry I missed your birthday, but I didn’t forget to pray for you. Hope all is well.

    God bless you and may he continue healing your eyes and giving you strength.


    Comment by Mary Helmuth | October 7, 2010 | Reply

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