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Where do I start?  Time has just flown by and I realized how long it’s been since I’ve made a post!  I think back in July was the last one.  We had just celebrated Luke’s 9th birthday and Andrew’s 7th birthday…so much fun!    


So let me attempt to recap what has been happening in the last 6-7 months. Whew, ok here we go….

School started in August and Luke entered the 3rd grade at Blue Ridge Christian School.  They sure hit the ground running and before long he was bringing home poems and scripture upon scripture to memorize.  Throw in book reports, quizzes, tests and and a huge animal science project plus soccer and we are in full swing!!  I think I felt more stressed about the workload than Luke did!  He’s been soaking it all in, staying organized for the most part 🙂  , and making excellent grades.  We are constantly amazed at his ability to memorize…they say children are like sponges!  This was the first year he asked to play soccer and we thought it would be a great way for him to get some exercise.  He struggled in the beginning with a few headaches, which usually happened when he was really hot and tired, but soon those went away.  He does not complain of headaches anymore…praise God!  As the season progressed he became more aggressive and confident, he was definitely learning something new as neither Ben or I are soccer people. 

Since his accident, the endocrine team at UVA has been monitoring Luke’s hormones, thyroid, cortisol, etc.  This is a very long process as it take the body months to produce new hormones and to see results from testing.  So, after a lot of blood work and labs it was determined in September that Luke was not producing growth hormone.  The Pituitary gland, which produces growth hormone, was one area of his brain that was damaged in the accident. Basically, he didn’t grow the entire year following his accident.

  In October, after a long process of qualifying and then obtaining the HGH (human growth hormone), Luke began taking a daily dose.  Every night before he goes to bed, Luke gets an injection of HGH given by Ben or myself.  He takes it like a champ!   He will need to continue to take HGH everyday for the rest of his life.  At first, Ben and I were very skeptical and didn’t want to believe that he needed it.  But as the doctor explained the signs and side effects of growth hormone deficiency, we slowly began to see these in Luke.  Beside the fact that Andrew was catching up to him, he went from being very lean to having extra “chub”, especially in his face and stomach.  He had no muscle mass, no matter how much he ran and rode bike he just looked out of shape.  He was tired, emotional, and even his skin that used to be tan and olive looked very ashy.  All of these things have turned around since he’s been taking growth hormones. (If you compare his birthday pictures to now you should be able to see a difference.)      He looks like Luke again, and his energy level is back where a 9-year-old’s should be!   Since starting the shots in October Luke has grown over 2 inches!  We just saw his doctor last week and she is very pleased.   They will continue to do blood work and check ups every 3-4months to keep everything balanced, and she is still checking his thyroid as well.

In November, a few days after Thanksgiving Luke went for his second eye procedure.  Again, the goal was to line his eyes up and get them to work together in order to take away his double vision.  The doctor opted to do an “adjustable stitch” on Luke’s right eye.  (last time he adjusted the left)  So, they go to the OR and the doctor puts in a stitch and attaches it to the muscles behind Luke’s eyeball.  About 5 hours after the surgery when Luke is fully awake, we take him back to the doctor’s office where he will adjust Luke’s eye.  Now, he explained this to us before the surgery, however I was not prepared to see this being done!  He took off the dressing covering Luke’s eye and there were 4 strings that looked like fishing line hanging out from behind his eye.  The doctor told Luke not to pull on them, and amazingly he didn’t!  After doing some vision tests, the doctor had Luke sit in the exam chair so he could adjust the stitch in his eye. Doc sat right in front of Luke (nose to nose almost), and he told Luke to hold very still and with a scissors and another sharp-looking tool he began to pull, tie, and snip the strings…adjusting Luke’s eyeball as we watch!  Luke sat there like a statue, no blinking, just frozen…good thing, if he would have moved he would gotten a scissor poked in his eye.  I was so nervous and at one point just had to look down and pray.  His doctor was impressed and said he has not ever been able to work so well on a patient…and he never does this procedure on kids. 

Luke still has double vision today.  Since November, it has improved and he says now it looks like things are “merging” together.  His eyes are working together much better and we definitely noticed a big change.  At his last check up the doctor was very pleased.  Over time, there could be more improvement…I am continuing to pray for the double vision to go away! 

So winter brings Christmas and basketball…two of our favorite things!  We celebrated Christmas with the Yoder family in Virginia.  Lots of cousins, fun, and food!  After Christmas we went to Florida to see my family, and we always enjoy being down there.  Ben and I had the priveledge  to coach the 3rd-5th grade basketball team at BRCS.  We wanted to be involved since it was Luke’s first time playing since everything happened.  Last year he was only able to do warm-ups and could’t participate in the games.  We had a blast!  What a blessing to coach respectful kids…with wonderful parents! 🙂 As the season went on, Luke once again became more aggressive and confident.  We love to see some fire and spunk back in him!  Our last game was on Saturday and now baseball begins, I’m looking forward to time at the ball field and watching my boys!

Thanks for checking in on Luke…we continue to be blessed by you!!!



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  1. Thanks for the update – so glad to hear the good news and will keep praying for you – it felt like a birthday present to me (your post was on my birthday!) I still marvel at the miracle of Luke’s life and how He is working in Luke’s life to bring encouragement and hope to others….. many blessings!

    Comment by Joetta | March 26, 2011 | Reply

  2. I just came across the link to this blog way down in the bottom of my email….. I was blessed to read all the good news even if it is 5 months old! I just wanted you to know that I thought of you all, and I thanked God for your life returning to normal!!

    ann marie wenger

    Comment by Ann Marie Wenger | August 11, 2011 | Reply

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