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Sorry I am late getting some pictures on here.  The days are going by quickly.  So these are all pictures since Luke’s neck brace came off on Tuesday.  Also, you may notice he is sporting a new hair style.  We had to buzz his hair so that the wounds from his halo would heal.  He had a lot of hair before and the pin sights were not healing like the doctor said they should.  It has already helped to have the hair gone.  I think he looks handsome regardless, and he has grown to like it.  We shaved it on Tuesday night and on Wednesday morning Andrew said he woke up and wondered who was sleeping in Luke’s bed.  “Oh, it’s my brother!” he said.  Andrew decided that morning that he would shave his head to be like Luke and that afternoon Ben shaved his as well!  We go in on Tuesday to meet with Dr. Jane (neurologist) to find out the results of the CAT scan Luke had on Friday.  The skull fractures and neck ligaments need to be completely healed before Luke can return to normal activity.  Keep the prayers coming!  Thank so much!!!




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